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Believing ease

Because something being easy alone just doesn’t cut it.

Ever try your hand at something and have it turn out to be easier than you expected? Always a fun surprise, but sometimes the feeling of difficulty doesn’t subside. It’s the weirdest thing, you think you have a full understanding yet you can’t apply it confidently. You over-analyze the things you’re doing instead of just doing them, and you get confused when you’re not seeing anything new even though truly there isn’t.

Probably has something to do with your initial perception of the thing being difficult to override by experience, much like the way first impressions of people matter so much. It determines how you view and deal with things, and is rather difficult to change. Definitely a hindrance though, I’m second-guessing myself for even the simplest things.

Unrelated, the people living under us have their washing machine going right now, midnight. The noise travels through the building pretty well, apparently.
~ Fang

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