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Babbling fool

Or: dictating dumb-ass.

There was a joke making the rounds some time ago, about people needing to get read back their YouTube comments before they were posted, and how it would make them realize their stupidity. I’m experiencing something similar right now, dictating the larger part of my posts. It was already kind of unsettling reading them back, so you can imagine what speaking them aloud feels like.

It’s definitely some kind of reality check, and I certainly notice it influencing my writing style… Even if just because my mother is in the next room. there’s just certain things you can get away with anymore. Also, when dictating you need to put it all on paper in one go. I used to write, scratch, rewrite and see if that worked. I don’t have that luxury anymore. Well, I do, but it’s just more of a hassle.

At least this way, I get to practice my pronunciation which I noticed still needs a lot of work in some places. “Scratch that” kind of twists my tongue when I try to say it without much focus. I don’t speak as much English as I type, but this should up the ratio a bit.

Dragon Dictate doesn’t do capitalization very well though, so I’ll have to see if I can figure it out. Lots of manual work to be alleviated.


  • 19/12/2016 (2:09 PM)

    Dragon Naturally Speaking was the program I used too and I didn’t have much luck with it. If you’re still dictating then you appear to be having much more fun with it than I did. Dictating your posts like this is an excellent way to practice your English. I’d suggest keeping it up even after your arm heals.

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