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Drinks in the barpub are on me tonight!
31 12 16

The past year

What a ride it was!

The smell of fireworks hangs in the air, the taste of Dutch doughnuts lingers in my mouth. The year hasn’t yet rolled over but premature celebration is in full swing already. And for good reason! In a couple of hours we’ll have made it through another year without dying a collective, simultaneous death. If that’s no reason for celebration, I don’t know what is!

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30 12 16

Not enough days

Whew, and here I thought it was only the 29th today. Shocker!

For some people there’s not enough hours in a day, and for some there’s not enough days in a year. I’d take a shot at years in a lifetime, but who knows how that’ll turn out for our generation. Regardless, time is infinite and we still have too little of it. Go figure how much things we have on our to-do lists!

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29 12 16


For the greater good of accessibility and discoverability.

Unless whatever kind of data it is you’re working with has a great built-in search functionality, your best bet to find everything quickly and easily is a compilation. It’s all in one place. Having to look here and there and everywhere in between for the info you need takes way too long. Compilations, instead, are a one-stop shop for all you’ll need regarding a particular topic. Easy!

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28 12 16

Believing ease

Because something being easy alone just doesn’t cut it.

Ever try your hand at something and have it turn out to be easier than you expected? Always a fun surprise, but sometimes the feeling of difficulty doesn’t subside. It’s the weirdest thing, you think you have a full understanding yet you can’t apply it confidently. You over-analyze the things you’re doing instead of just doing them, and you get confused when you’re not seeing anything new even though truly there isn’t.

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I am an impatient man.

A while ago I submitted a proposal for a short talk to a big conference. They had set their deadline for approval/denial to the 17th, and they still haven’t announced anything. Fair enough that they’re a bit late, and fair enough they’re even later due to the holidays, but it is like I said: impatience whispers.

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