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Adventure Time!

You don’t criticize the poor paint-job on a house that hasn’t even been fully built yet, now do you?

There’s something about students giving each other feedback. Or maybe it’s not limited to students. All my experiences of this have been in such groups, but who knows where else this happens. I’ve experienced it before, and again today. As studious and cooperative students do, we assembled to share feedback on the current drafts (read: current state) of each other’s theses.

Definitely a good move, nobody will deny that, but… the majority of it was about grammar, punctuation, styling. Keep in mind, we’re working with very rough drafts here with large chunks of the theses still completely undocumented. This isn’t the part of the process where you’re searching for all the tiny faults to fix. You’re trying to look for the broad ones, pertaining to premise and structure, the way you’ve been working and what more you plan to add.

Maybe it’s because the small stuff is low hanging fruit? Or maybe it’s because we are all actively struggling with the bigger picture, so much so that we’re not confident we can provide any useful feedback, or just too blocked on that whole perspective to even see it in the first place.

It’s hard, but maybe that means it should go straight onto our self-improvement list for this last part of our studies.
~ Fang

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