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27 11 16

The same news

Guess you can’t call it news anymore then.

Sometimes it feels like we’re hearing the same news over and over again. And that’s not a perfectly safe thing to have happening, because it lowers the value people attach to the news. Every day we hear “oh cool new battery technology that does these amazing things”, but those are just laboratory results. They never make it out there and onto the market because they don’t perform in real-life situations. Now every time I read a battery-related headline, I just tune it out and move on.

You can see this happen with worse things, too. Conflicts and disasters get a lot of initial coverage but quickly drop off after a week or so. People have heard the same old over and over again, stopped caring, and so the news outlets find other stories to roll with.

It all just makes it feel like we aren’t getting the actual and important news all of the time. Is that too much to expect?
~ Fang

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