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Don’t mind me, I’m just going to have a quick little do-over of yesterday’s post. I dropped by the doctor today to have my knee issue looked at. As expected, he told me to give it another three weeks’ time to see if it would patch itself up, doing nothing but resting and mandatory activity during that time. It’s probably an issue with my meniscus, which can sometimes fix itself. If after that time though I still have reason to complain, then I’ll probably have to see an orthopedist about it. A “bone doctor”, in his words.

I just want to go out. I do nothing but sit on my ass all day already, and I get told to do more of that? Fuck. There’s a certain mistake I may have made that was looking up medical information relating to my issue, and one of the surgeries that may need to happen is one that’d keep me from normal sportsy activity for three to six months. Three to six months.

Well, nothing has happened yet. It still has plenty of time to heal. And let’s be real, rather this happens now than when I’m out backpacking in god knows where. That would’ve been an even shittier situation to be in.

Three weeks. Let’s go.
~ Fang


  • 09/11/2016 (11:58 PM)

    Per my last comment, can you at least do light walking, or is that difficult/too strenuous with the knee problems?

    I’m pulling for you that it doesn’t have to come to surgery. Three to six months of nonstop sitting sounds miserable (and no, that’s not being sarcastic).

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