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It’s probably not the aging that’s causing it, but my body feels like it’s deteriorating, so may as well blame it on something unpreventable. “Deteriorating” may very well be too dramatic a word to use for this, but “falling apart” doesn’t sound right either. It’s just that I’ve got these pains going on that are progressing from inconvenient to hindering, in that I can’t do the things I want.

Again, that makes it sound worse than it is. I’ve still got my RSI which is flaring up pretty strongly on occasion, but that’s nothing truly new. I do also have a knee which is sending out painful signals when I walk or use the stairs. Gained that one after accidentally walking nearly thirty kilometers (“oops”), and it nearly fixed itself, but decided not to. The cold isn’t helping either, and it makes my other joints feel uncomfortable as well.

Chances are the larger part of my complaints stem from my “sit at the desk all day” work ethic, which obviously isn’t the healthiest. I’d love to go on day hikes again during the weekend, even as it’s getting colder, but the knee prevents that. Same with the weekly jog. Biking is okay, but also kind of fucks up my wrists, so eh.

All that can make a guy feel old, physically.
~ Fang


  • 09/11/2016 (11:54 PM)

    My phone counts my steps, so I’ve made it a point to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. That includes taking hourly breaks from my computer to just walk around a few minutes. I hear that helps with that whole ‘8 hours a day sitting can give you ass cancer’ or whatever scientists are currently saying.

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