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Taken from us.

She fought the good fight.

Not to sound like a parrot, but 2016 truly is the darkest of ages. Today, What.CD was taken from us. I’ve never felt so bad about a takedown in my life. For the unaware, What.CD was by far the best and biggest private music tracker out there. Music you couldn’t find anywhere else, the most obscure tunes, and the latest and greatest hits. All there, all in the greatest quality, all well-seeded.

The French copyright popo took not only a platform, but a database. A library of information about all the music it contained, far more detailed and far more accurate than you’d find it anywhere else. And not only a library, but a community of upkeepers. All good people, all strong folk.

But it’s gone, like so many before it. We knew the day would come, but it still hurts. It still pains in the way only this specific loss can. Sigh. If only there were an unraidable network, an encrypted distributed file-sharing system.

Hey wait, Urbit provides that!
~ Fang


  • 18/11/2016 (1:41 PM)

    Well those encrypted distribution file sharing systems do exist, but they tend to not have all the stuff you want. I hadn’t heard of What.CD but it sucks they’re gone. Things like that really are the hydra of the internet though. When one falls another two or three rise up. It just takes them an annoyingly long amount of time to catch up because of the nature of torrents.

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