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One of the parts of Scrum that carries over well outside of the workplace.

For those not in the know, Scrum is a software development methodology, which basically tells you to do short cycles over long cycles. At the end of every such cycle, there’s a “Retrospective”, a meeting in which a team looks back at the past cycle to see what went right and what could’ve gone better. The points of improvement then get turned into actions which will be tackled during the next cycle; focussed improvement.

Evaluation of past achievements can be really useful. Again, not just the things themselves, but the process that brought them forth. Why did something succeed? Why did something fail? You’re probably already doing it passively, but answering those question actively helps make the lesson stick, and makes you more likely to think twice before making walking down a similar path.

In all honesty though I’m just grasping at post ideas and this was the best I could do.
~ Fang


  • 10/11/2016 (4:31 PM)

    Retrospect is an important thing. You need to look back so you can know what to do moving forward. Accept and correct mistakes and look at what went right and repeat it and you can’t go wrong.

    Well, you can, but you’ll go wrong less.

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