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04 11 16


Feels like the robot uprising jokes are getting taken too seriously.

This past year I haven’t gone a month without reading comments on an article about artificial intelligence, spelling out doomsday visions of how modern-day cutting-edge AI will lead to our doom. Honestly? I just don’t see it happening. We may be modeling our programs after neurons, but emulated brain matter doesn’t necessarily make consciousness. You assign it a task, and it performs that task. Vagueness doesn’t matter, we’re already getting better at looking at how neural networks have learned things anyway.

If we keep working on it though, we may end up with wondrous things. Once you get a machine to improve its own functioning, your advancement skyrockets. Then, have it figure out things that’d make your life easier. Have it run endless simulations to figure out how, for example, we could get essentially free energy (push towards entropy notwithstanding).

And if we ever get to the point where literally everything is being done for us, even the expanding of knowledge, then we’ll have made it out of “the struggle to live” territory onto much more comfortable tracks. Luxury of Gods and all that.

Or maybe that’s all science fiction, who knows. I’m just said I didn’t study for this stuff.
~ Fang


  • 07/11/2016 (8:16 PM)

    People like you will be first against the wall when Skynet comes!

    Nah but seriously I ain’t all doom and gloom about AI. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops but, man, I don’t trust people. I’m not likely to trust a robot either.

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