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No matter how hard it tries.

And that’s pretty strange for something that only exists because it does its best to keep itself going. Because that’s what all life boils down to, perpetuating its own cycle. It’s the principle behind our drive to procreate, at the very core of everything we do. And yet, it’s a mission we’re doomed to fail. Not just us, but all similar processes out there as well.

Ironically, this is because those processes exist in the first place. Ever so slightly, things keep creeping closer to entropy. Descending into ever-increasing chaos. Coming to a halt. The more life lives, the quicker we get there. So however hard it tries, life will be forced to end its cycle eventually.

So really, it kind of defeats its own point.
~ Fang


  • 27/11/2016 (1:25 AM)

    It’s true. Organic systems tend to grow and expand and multiply until they use up their resources.

    It’s probably because the drive to consume and multiply don’t seem to have natural off switches – signals that they’ve been successful enough. The only way that point of success becomes clear is when everything’s gone too far.

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