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Is that a joke about my length?

Some things are just much less complicated than they sound.

In fields that have boxes full of jargon for things, combinations of things and variations on things (it wouldn’t surprise me if this includes nearly all fields of work), it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the words you don’t understand. Listening to someone speak but having no idea what they’re actually talking about, or if those are even real words, can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, once you have foundational knowledge, there isn’t much to fear.

I feel this holds especially true for software development, but I’m sure there’s other fields where this happens out there. Once you have a basic understanding, most terminology you encounter will have definitions following the lines of “X done with Y” or “A without B”. New subjects seem really intimidating, but once you learn of these definitions for the new terminology, the subject itself will often reveal itself to be much easier than it originally seemed.

Terminology is great for relaying information about things, but it does a poor job of explaining itself.
~ Fang

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