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Oh, Comely

So many irons in the fire, it’s like a professional smithery in here.

Busy times. I’m getting close to graduating and it seems everyone is in on it. I’ve already been approached by two recruiters this month, and today I got an offer for the chance to interview for a position at my internship. The portfolio site for my friend is almost done, I’ve been tinkering with the Urbit chatbot, and have a tangentially related Skype call planned for next week. There’s also a knee I have to help heal, an adventure I have to prepare for, research to complete, paper to write, documentation to expand and projects to tend to.

As tiring as I feel it should be… it isn’t all that bad. Almost invigorating, really, but the good news and fun times probably help with that. Long live IT, I suppose. Just go through the system and get handed jobs while sitting on your butt. I had expected this to be sort of true, but not to this extent. Surprised.

Maybe it’s one of those points in life where lots of loops close, and lots of new ones begin to form. Kind of like the Hindu cycle of the universe but for life paths, apparently. Huh.

I’m signing off though, got irons to tend to.
~ Fang


  • 19/11/2016 (2:10 PM)

    You know you’re doing good work when people approach you. I personally think you should take the job with your internship if it pays well. You know those people and they know you. Who knows though? Maybe you fancy the challenge of working somewhere new and stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • 19/11/2016 (1:42 AM)

    Enjoy making your decisions.

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