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The modern-day internet is nothing like the internet as it once was, for better or worse.

Computing changes. Rapidly. Throw it into the mainstream, and you’ll have people actively pushing for change, for their ideas and products to be made standard. For their influence to shift everything, forward or otherwise. Back in the day, there weren’t many functionalities the web could offer. There were no standards supporting complex behavior, and we didn’t have the infrastructure for it anyway. But now, if you can imagine it, it can be done on the internet.

You no longer just pull data from a distant computer. You interact with it on a much more abstract level. The distant computer now plays a much more generic facilitating role. Underneath it’s still all data, but on the surface it no longer is. We can instantly send “things” to thousands of parties, or to a single machine to perform special operations on it. We incorporate parts of our daily lives, and we create parts of our daily lives to add onto the internet.

The internet is no longer a digital newspaper, and we’re already shooting way past the internet as a convenience. What we have now is an internet of doing, yet another dimension for us to take part in.
~ Fang

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