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Free to leave

If you are free to leave, feel so.

Today I witnessed someone more or less break down over the awful working environment they were experiencing. Talkers found their way into the bosses’ hearts, while workers were getting overloaded without getting anything out of it. Classical corporate crap, more or less. Another person chimed in with great advice: make an exit plan and get the hell outta dodge.

And that’s the beauty of worker rights, you’re usually free to leave as long as you give your two month’s notice (or similar). If your workplace it destroying you, move away. If you think you can do better, do so. Just be sure to find new employment before resigning, some industries aren’t very pleasant to be unemployed in.

Don’t keep yourself handicapped.
~ Fang


  • 16/11/2016 (11:02 PM)

    Some people I know complain constantly about work but never seem to take steps to get into a better situation. I realize that some people have families they are responsible for and don’t have the freedom to just quit. But if someone is unhappy, they ought to take what it takes to extricate themselves from the situation.

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