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What music did you listen to five years ago? Ten years ago? What kind of movies did you like? Your favorite food? It has changed a bit, even if subtly, hasn’t it? Sometimes… you just stop liking things. It just sort of happens, given enough time and new experiences. And it’s always a bit sad when it does. On the flip side, it usually comes paired with a newfound interest in something else!

I used to listen to soundtracks. A lot. And it was great while it lasted, but nowadays (read: these past years) my music listening times are a lot more passive (mostly during commute), so I can deal with more “distracting” music. My taste has grown to reflect that, and it’s been a really great experience. There’s so much out there to hear if you’re open to it, it’s insane!

If a cool soundtrack crosses my path, I’ll definitely pick it up, but I’ve moved away from hoarding-esque practices. Shame I no longer feel that great about soundtracks in general, but I guess that’s also partly about developing a more refined taste.

What I still have around remains great for nostalgia, if anything.
~ Fang


  • 03/11/2016 (1:22 AM)

    I go through different genres. Usually, after my initial infatuation with a genre is done, I have one favorite artist from that genre that I will listen to forever. But just one artist.

    So 5 years after my black metal year (don’t ask), I have one black metal band I still listen to, and I now have one hip hop act, one psych folk act, etc.

    My music taste doesn’t generally make much sense to anyone but me, though.

    • 03/11/2016 (7:35 AM)

      Please do tell us of your “genre’s best artist” list!

      • 05/11/2016 (12:30 AM)

        Progressive rock is my favorite, and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis is my favorite of the genre.

        In indie rock, I like The Microphones, who later became the even better Mount Eerie.

        In psychedelic folks, I love The Incredible String Band, the hippiest hippie band ever.

        In hip hop, Aesop Rock, especially his last couple of albums.

        In black metal, I like Drudkh, which is a Ukrainian band whose stuff mostly sounds alike but is great to do housework to.

        In traditional Pakistani music, I like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan best.

        Yes. I’ll stop there for now…


        • 05/11/2016 (12:37 PM)

          Can’t go wrong with Genesis!
          Oh, I’ve heard of The Microphones! Some guy said their music was really nice to listen to while out in nature. They definitely have a cool sound.
          The Incredible String Band sounds fun, but I feel they’d be better if they upped the tempo in their songs a little bit. YouTube’s “x1.25 playback speed” doesn’t do the idea in my head justice though…
          Drudkh sounded pretty cool until the vocals came out. I don’t know, I can see why people like it, but I just can’t listen to anything where the vocals aren’t at least a little bit clean.
          Nice list though, I like it!

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