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It was awfully gusty today. Almost storm-like, even.

And from up here, the third and top floor of an apartment complex, you get a pretty decent view over all the wind touches. Trees dancing like they haven’t in months, shaking off all the leaf they were still holding on to. And the leaves, in turn, riding the wind to wherever it will carry them. It’s a sight you don’t get to see too often, not to this degree. And boy is it pretty.

It doesn’t live up to the romantic images we see in movies, but it’s way closer than your average autumn day can get. And it’s nice to have days like these, where things are a little bit more animated. Streets swept clean by the same wind that delivers more of what was blown away, makes you wonder where the tree stands from which the leaves in your garden fell.

Kinda makes you want to throw your doors and windows wide open, but then you’d have to rake inside as well.
~ Fang

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