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This show is just too damn real.

I don’t know what it is about this show, but it hits a lot of strings. Oh wait, I do know! It’s the deadpan portrayal of the gritty world behind all the pazzaz and glamor the Hollywoo showbiz presents. It’s the way the characters live through not our worst fears, but our most intimate ones. How they all appear so unfiltered despite appearing in such a cheap-looking cartoon format. And it’s all so very unexpected.

Too many an episode I end by just sitting there, staring at the credits, feeling I might have cried a little were I a more emotionally open person. Not because of any particular drama presented by the show, but because the drama presented felt so close to home. Unlike the protagonist I don’t suffer from substance abuse, nor do I have a past I’m desperately trying to cling on to. But the nihilist in me resonates with his struggles regardless.

It’s about a horse who was in a very famous TV show. He’s Bojack Horseman, find it on Netflix or wherever. You’ll regret it, in a good way.
~ Fang


  • 23/11/2016 (3:25 AM)

    I keep hearing awesome things about this show, but have never seen it. I need to remedy that this weekend.

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