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Not in this post, of course. That’s just a title.

Spending these past few months with the internship project has gotten me really wary of getting involved in the nitty-gritty of things. Whenever implementation details came up, I’d usually quickly follow up with a “okay that’s clear enough, moving on”. I simply don’t have the time to get myself into the actual mechanics of things, as infinitely more interesting than the higher level stuff it is. Just tell me what is does and how to use it, and I’m good.

And this may, accidentally, be transferring onto other things I’m trying to understand. Increasingly often I’m finding myself skimming over elaborate, probably interesting write-ups, and concluding that it goes into too much detail. I just want the lowdown without getting down into the heart of the matter. And that’s kind of troublesome, since for lots of things it’s hard to find an overview that’s just right for that.

Eh, it might just be me being too tired to give things an honest try. Bad excuse though.
~ Fang

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