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I live in Europe, and I still want everyone to calm down about the election.

Don’t get me wrong. Politics are important and an American election is certainly big news. But I feel like the news is just being drummed into my skull over and over again by literally every source of information I have available to me. I can’t even play a game without people spouting cheap, repetitive jokes about walls and emails and what have we. All that, even though it’s news from across the world. Is there really no escape?

Maybe that shouldn’t read so negatively as it does. After all, it’s news from the other side of the globe! Our species is now connected enough to hear about all this. Not only because we can, but because it is important. What happens half a day westward is just as much our business as what happens right on our doorsteps. It impacts the entire world.

Hmm, now I’m really not sure how positive that is. When someone takes a dump all over Good and Holy those strongly negative consequences can spread through the world, it’s all connected. On the one hand, that enables us to improve on a global scale. On the other, that enables us to fuck up on a global scale.

The information age is weird.
~ Fang


  • 14/11/2016 (1:20 PM)

    Everything has a good and bad side to it. Everything can be used for good and evil. The information age is no differet. It would be nice if we could use it to better ourselves but some people insist on ruining it for the ret of us.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

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