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Really Stupid Injury
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We truly go to great lengths to create them.

As if life isn’t satisfactory, humans have a track record of creating experiences that surpass the boundaries of individuals. Fiction, in many ways, allows us to experience something different. Whether it’s getting sucked into a character in a book, being in awe of an imaginary world on the big screen, or feeling the thrills of being a hero in a video game. They may be similar to things the world has to offer, but they aren’t. They’re man-made.

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Not in this post, of course. That’s just a title.

Spending these past few months with the internship project has gotten me really wary of getting involved in the nitty-gritty of things. Whenever implementation details came up, I’d usually quickly follow up with a “okay that’s clear enough, moving on”. I simply don’t have the time to get myself into the actual mechanics of things, as infinitely more interesting than the higher level stuff it is. Just tell me what is does and how to use it, and I’m good.

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Not every day

It isn’t every day you can say you’ve done something worthwhile.

And while that’s perfectly okay, I wonder if I’m not secretly, accidentally trying to force myself to be able to say so anyway. Sure, it’s nice just lounging some days, but I always have this weird feeling. Like when you know you’re forgetting something but you’re not sure what. Something that makes me a bit uneasy, makes me feel less comfortable just being comfy. Like I haven’t hit some arbitrary quota and my day hasn’t been worth living yet because of it.

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The same news

Guess you can’t call it news anymore then.

Sometimes it feels like we’re hearing the same news over and over again. And that’s not a perfectly safe thing to have happening, because it lowers the value people attach to the news. Every day we hear “oh cool new battery technology that does these amazing things”, but those are just laboratory results. They never make it out there and onto the market because they don’t perform in real-life situations. Now every time I read a battery-related headline, I just tune it out and move on.

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No matter how hard it tries.

And that’s pretty strange for something that only exists because it does its best to keep itself going. Because that’s what all life boils down to, perpetuating its own cycle. It’s the principle behind our drive to procreate, at the very core of everything we do. And yet, it’s a mission we’re doomed to fail. Not just us, but all similar processes out there as well.

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