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The year is 2013, the blog’s a short two years old. It’s still on Blogger, and I’m trying to work around its limitations. In doing so, I learned a couple of tricks, and I shared them in a two-post series, “Blogger tips and tricks”. To this day, those remain my most popular posts, with a steady stream of fresh new visitors every day. Even the occasional comment, either thanking me or asking for help.

And it’s nice to still have those old posts around, because they serve a purpose. I posted a couple days ago about the blog being “whine all the way down“, and it is, but at least there’s also some little gems in there that people apparently still manage to find.

On the one hand, I should write more useful things. On the other, this blog is not the place for those. It’s elsewhere.
~ Fang


  • 16/10/2016 (6:06 AM)

    I find your thoughts useful… Sometimes even if I don’t fully understand them!

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