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Fucking wow.
02 10 16

These lungs

It doesn’t kill me, but it very well could.

I’m not asthmatic, praise be, but it definitely feels like that sometimes. Not unprompted luckily, but when I’ve been around cats for a little while. Cute as they may be, they’re just too damn good when it comes to flaring up my allergies. Dogs are way easier on me from what I’ve experienced, but apparently cats are much more popular with the people in my circles.

Finding new friends over something like this isn’t a realistic option, so I’ll just have to tough it out. I do have medication, but it only helps a little bit. Maybe they’ll work better if I take them more frequently, to accumulate whatever it is they’re putting into my body, but that’s not something I feel very comfortable with.

So I guess I’m stuck with up to 40% decreased lung capacity, dramatically upped snot production, and eyes that burst into flames if I ever dare touch them. At least that’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t solve.

Yet another reason to prefer dogs over cats, right?
~ Fang

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