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Drinks in the barpub are on me tonight!

You know your day’s gonna be rough when you wake up with back pains.

Not the old man back pains, at least I don’t hope so. These back pains are definitely giving off a distinct “I slept in a weird position and now I’m fucked” feel though, so I should be fine. But I’m not. Because of the back pains. Seriously, I have never woken up with an ache in my back that has subsided throughout the day. It has always, without fail, kept going strong until I got back into bed again.

I’d say the quality of your night’s sleep correlates to the quality of your day, but it may not be that broad a timespan that influences the pep that gets put in your step. Rather, the half hour prior to getting up seems most crucial. If you’re still dazed and groggy when you send your legs out from under their sheets, then that’s going to be a slow start for sure. If you just woke up naturally though, you’re already getting into your rhythm!

If only we’d invent a “wake up well-rested every single day, guaranteed” machine.
~ Fang

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