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A shitty slogan is more than enough for the likes of you!

You bought a product. It’s awful and it shits the bed.

Angrily, you get in touch with customer support. They had their contact info plastered all over everywhere, so it was easy to find. They don’t put you in some queue with music you don’t like, but you get sent straight to a “real person”. Truly elusive creatures in the Big Corp customer support business. A pleasant voice greets you, asks you how it’s going. Bad, you say. Why, they ask. You curse something or other and say your product shit the bed.

They look up your details, what model you bought when and where, and swiftly give you a fix to try. None of that off-on bullshit you’ve already tried. A real fix for your real issue. Silence is transmitted over the line, until you exclaim. It works! You thank your savior, they tell you to get in touch if it happens again. You’re almost looking forward to it.

Just like that, your negative experience with the bad product has turned into a very pleasant one, putting some happiness towards the pool of feelings you experience when dealing with said product. Gives the thing some staying power if you’re ever considering getting something else.

Customer support is king.
~ Fang


  • 13/10/2016 (3:54 AM)

    Customer support is king but unfortunately many companies only care about customer support in public forums. I had a lot of trouble with EA customer support until I called them out for their bullshit on Twitter. Of course a real person talked to me right away because they have people looking to correct negative opinions in public spaces.

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