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The long walk

Waypoint walking is… surprisingly hard, in a way.

Went on another hike with a friend today. I had set up waypoints for us to use for navigation beforehand, which would take us to a couple points of interest. A memorial, a (newly heightened!) watchtower, what have you. From point to point, it was about 18 kilometers. Of course, I had expected the actual walking distance to be a bit higher, since we couldn’t just barge straight ahead through the forest, but I hadn’t expected to end up walking over 28 long kilometers.

Contrary to popular belief, not all roads lead to Rome. Some just lead you back to where you started. The waypoint may be to the left, so you may think going left is a great idea, but if that road then curves away from your destination, you’re not really getting anywhere. Combine that with not knowing the entire area by heart yet (and poor preparation in that regard, too), and you’ve got yourself a six and a half hour hike on your hands.

It was definitely fun, and we saw some nice sights (so many different aesthetics a forest contains, pretty impressive for “just some trees”), but it the sun had already set while we were still walking our last stretch. Forced us to stick to the bike path, where the canopy isn’t a full cover, otherwise we would’ve been walking in the absolute dark.

I’ll probably be feeling this tomorrow. Totally worth it though!
~ Fang

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