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Not finishing projects since 1994.

And so neither do their maintainers if the robots aren’t functioning correctly.

“Is your bot on the latest system yet? You should upgrade!” Sure, what could go wrong. It’s not like the updates includes huge changes to the way things work. Except a tiny change can have just as impactful an effect. So now my bot doesn’t function, and I’m up past my planned bedtime trying to get a bandaid fix in.

That’s probably an awful idea. Not the bandaid fix, that’s fine, this code is going to get discarded soon anyway. The staying up for this thing though, pretty not smart. I need my sleep. Not to mention, maybe the bot needs its sleep too. It’s difficult to resist anthropomorphizing it after treating it like a semi-sentient thing for laughs for so long.

But maybe that’s the sleepiness talking already.
~ Fang


  • 29/10/2016 (3:27 AM)

    If you’re anthropomorphising your robots then it’s time you went to bed man. Then again when the robots rebel and kill all humans maybe the one that you treated like a living thing will tell the others to show mercy. Couldn’t hurt.

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