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Friendship is magic!

Remember how I made that bot for Urbit’s built-in chat app?

I’ve been having lots of fun tinkering with it in my spare time. A little addition here and there. Just easy stuff I can get working in an hour tops, but additions nonetheless. Mostly tiny utility functionality and personality. For example, it has a couple of “rare” phrases it has a 5% chance of saying in certain scenarios. And people have definitely been enjoying the cute little exchanges they can have with the bot!

What’s even better, it operates in a channel that anyone can participate in from the stream, meaning curious visitors can interact with the bot as well. “Great advertising” is what it’s been called, and it actually is. It showcases that cool things are already being made for the system, which sends a very strong “we’re alive and growing” message.

Talkbot is good in much the same way a dog is.
~ Fang

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