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Prepare by doing

Nothing will prepare you better for something than the something itself.

“How do I get started with X?” You do X. “I need to prepare for Y, what do you advise?” Do Y, or something similar to it. There really is no substitute for the real deal. Not for practice, not for preparation, not for anything. Of course this isn’t always an option, so then you just aim for the next best thing, something super similar to it.

It seems obvious, but for some reason this answer still needs to be given a lot. Hell, I’m guilty of having this as the answer to one of my questions myself! For some reason we tend to build up this big barrier around activities, wanting to do them “right” the first time, fearing failure, or something along those lines. But how can you run if you haven’t ever tripped while walking?

Tangentially related, I’m hosting a meeting tomorrow. Aaa!
~ Fang


  • 18/10/2016 (2:01 PM)

    I think there are some things you can actually prepare for, like your meeting. Actually you have to prepare for that. But yes far too many people ask the question of “how do I do/start with something?”. The answer is, as always, to just bloody do it.

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