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I’m having the biggest trouble reading my own blog. This post is part of that.

The internship is busy and tiring, inspiration fluctuates near the lower end. I feel like I have excuses for writing shorter, lower quality posts lately (and for some more months to come), but how valid is that really? For some reason I put up a “random post” link in the blog’s header navigation, right next to the long-since-outdated Caves link. It’s my worst enemy.

Nearly every single time, it brings forth something difficult to read. Something I see for what other people see it. Senseless whining. Moaning and bitching about the most trivial of things. Trying desperately to put something on paper but coming up with nothing more than an endless stream of garbage opinion pieces on nothing in particular.

No doubt I’ve written some sort of good things as well, but do they really matter if they drown in an ocean of excrement? I’ve thought time and time again about running a separate blog, for proper good writing, but I doubt I’d put in the effort. Am I doomed to forever spew these meaningless musings?

If we may believe this post, I sure as hell am.
~ Fang

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