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It’s numbers

Math is such an insanely abstract thing that you can boil everything down to it.

There’s that saying that states biology is just applied chemistry, chemistry is just applied physics, and physics is just applied mathematics. And though those are rather big steps to describe as “just applied”, they do hold some truth. At the very least, if such a ranking were to exist, mathematics would most certainly be at the very foundation of it.

As our brightest minds are constantly working on figuring things out, they represent them as numbers and equations. If we know how it works, we can define it as that. The effects sprout from that base automagically. It’s not that apples fall to the ground, it’s that the tiniest fibers of existence behave according to rules that can be described as formulas modifying numbers. Apples falling down are merely a visible result, a broader picture that doesn’t paint the rich world underneath.

And that’s cool, because numbers are simple. They’re abstract, they’re computable, they have no inherent meaning. They just represent whatever we want them to.

Whether we can define everything by such neat operations, I don’t know. Maybe because the abstraction is perfect, or maybe because the simulation we live in was founded on those abstractions.
~ Fang

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