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Factory Society

We’re a huge big community, aren’t we, as a species?

And we have to manage ourselves, if we want to keep moving forward. We need a way to bring newcomers up to speed on the latest and greatest in knowledge, and have them work from there to harvest even more. Because that’s what we do, we learn and pass it down. And we’ve gotten quite good at doing this on a large scale.

Parts of society, viewed from a “bigger picture” perspective, just feel like factories for humans and the things they should come with. Schools, pump people into it, spit educated people out. Jobs, turn a collective of man-hours into output of some kind. Hospitals, sick people in, healthy people out.

And there’s definitely something to be said for that. Those kinds of structures are at the very foundation of modern society, after all. And it certainly is impressive to have managed to organize such things on these massive scales. But is this the only way of doing things that’s effective for huge communities like ours? What would the possible alternatives look like? Is it possible to keep human-to-ohuman relationships and exchanges around instead of shifting towards human-to-factory connections?

Is modern society an inevitable outcome, or could we have gone down a different path?
~ Fang

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