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Ah, the beauty of a borrowing language.

Most modern folks (youth, people with technology-oriented studies and jobs) over here speak English at least somewhat decently. The Dutch language itself already borrows a bunch of words from other tongues, but this can go to extreme lengths in circles that speak English frequently. It isn’t uncommon to throw in more than three English words into the average sentence, depending on the topic of discussion. After all, it’s just a lot of effort making the translation when you’ve been using English term constantly.

I, for example, frequently use English proverbs translated to Dutch. Of course, those unfamiliar with the English version don’t get it, because a Dutch equivalent does not exist. It makes for distinctly unique speech, yet nobody bats an eye if we’re all in on the intended meaning.

And while the term Dunglish officially only refers to terrible Dutch-to-English (literal) translations (“my compliments to the kok”), I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t be used the other way around.
~ Fang


  • 22/10/2016 (2:47 AM)

    Around here we have Spanglish. I think I like Dunglish better. At least in terms of name.

    My compliments to the kok:

  • 21/10/2016 (3:19 AM)

    I mean, I’d be pretty happy if someone complimented my kok. There are some interesting conversations/words created when people borrow from English. It’s not like we don’t borrow from other languages either. There’s probably some Dutch words we use because we don’t have a local equivalent.

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