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The post you're reading right now is a prophecy.

That’s a rather broad and definitive title, so of course the body of the text is going to be a tad more nuanced.

I’m having some struggles with my internship. There’s a pretty tidy planning I made, but then there’s the reality that says I’ve spent more than the planned time on nearly all of my activities so far. If that continues on, or even if I just don’t start making big gains on the planning, I won’t be done with things in time. And that’s a problem. Since I’m a tad stressed out about the whole deal, I decided to ask my guiding teacher if he had some advice. He gave me some options, and also some “these are options but you don’t ever really want to do them”.

Among those less than not preferable options was working overtime, or putting in more hours in some other kind of way. Even if I could without crippling myself (RSI says hi), it’d still be a bad idea. Multiple parties want something out of me, and they know the time I have available for that. They also know a couple hours of off time every day are more or less mandatory for maintaining your sanity. Hence, if they ask me to give that up, it’s not a good idea to give in.

On the flip side, if I promised someone I’d do something, but it turns out that requires overtime, then I’ll just have to make do with that. I promised, after all, and it’d be very poor form to go back on that.

Speaking of, I still have a website to make, and I wish I could, but bluh.
~ Fang


  • 04/10/2016 (2:22 AM)

    You can only do so much man. If you don’t have the time or the energy then that’s that. Good luck getting through this whirlwind few months. By the time it’s done you won’t even remember what to do with free time.

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