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Oh, Comely

And different isn’t always good.

So today I refreshed my page (yes, I use a browser-based email client), because its own refresh button doesn’t actually do what it says all the time. It loaded me into “Outlook Email”, the interface they use for their business/Office 365 clients. Well, I use that for my school mail, so maybe something messed up there. Clear cookies, log in again… Nope, still the new, slightly unfamiliar look.

And what’s this? They changed how multiple accounts work? Subfolders with subfolders are now mandatory if you want to receive mail from anything that isn’t the account you log in with? The “delete” shortcut now is right next to the “mark as read” shortcut? God fucking damnit.

So they’re forcing this change onto me. And that’s perfectly within their right, I’m sure it’s easier for them to maintain this one version rather than two or three different ones. But it’s a version I don’t like, so it sucks to be me. I’ll probably make the switch to a proper email client (finally), but there’s so much choice there, and it’ll definitely take some adjusting to.

Sometimes I wish I cared less about stuff like this, but what kind of end user would that make me?
~ Fang

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