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A bionic future

The human body is truly exceptional in the best kinds of ways… but also really fragile at times.

I can get a poorly functioning knee just from walking a bit further than my limit. I can get pains in my hands from performing minor, low-effort tasks with them over and over. I can twist my ankles, get my shins kicked, or just try to break my fall after tripping and break my arm instead. But an ideal mechanical limb won’t suffer from that. We may not be able to make them perfectly yet, but unlike our own bodies, we can actually improve them.

For all the dystopian fiction you can write about scenarios like these, a future in which bionics are an affordable and accepted part of life seems great to me (as long as we can maintain transparency). It’s not about performing super-human feats (though it certainly can be!) but rather about small annoyances and easy fixes for our oh so weak bodies. Knowing that we are more properly engineered than evolution can do on its own, engineered to withstand and outlast– even better than we already could.

…Granted, physical fitness will alleviate a lot of the issues you can solve with bionic limbs, but we haven’t talked about the senses yet. Augmentation of our perception, what a wide new world that would open!

It may be scary, but if the tech gets good enough we’ll eventually end up there anyway. Change is good.
~ Fang


  • 01/11/2016 (5:50 PM)

    Sign me up, cap! I just want metal bones so that I never, ever have to endure something like this (I’d probably just ask someone to kill me on the spot).

  • 01/11/2016 (4:33 AM)

    I was n the midst of coming up with names like the i-spleen of whatever when it occurred to me what the inexpensive advanced version of sight would be.


    The new Apple i-sight.

    You’ll be standing in line for it the day it comes out in 10 years.

    • 01/11/2016 (7:30 AM)

      Apple is literally ditching their power-users though, so Apple Bionics will likely be sleek aluminum designs with zero actual functionality.

  • 01/11/2016 (12:00 AM)

    My understanding is that I will die shortly before bionics become a thing. We’re already getting started though that’s for sure. Artificial limbs are always advancing and becoming more lifelike and I think that they’re making good progress on creating bionic eyes. In a way humans have had “bionics” for a while (hearing aids, artificial limbs, and the like) but it would be pretty awesome to have Deus Ex kind of bionics. My only problem with them is that I feel I would be someone who would refuse to accept them and would want to remain pure human.

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