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Blood, sweat and tears.
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A bionic future

The human body is truly exceptional in the best kinds of ways… but also really fragile at times.

I can get a poorly functioning knee just from walking a bit further than my limit. I can get pains in my hands from performing minor, low-effort tasks with them over and over. I can twist my ankles, get my shins kicked, or just try to break my fall after tripping and break my arm instead. But an ideal mechanical limb won’t suffer from that. We may not be able to make them perfectly yet, but unlike our own bodies, we can actually improve them.

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If gimmick is even the right word for this.

And then there were Two isn’t something I’m all that happy with, but the idea of the “gimmick” (freaky shit with doppelgänger) popped into my head and I just had to see how that’d work for a bit. Turns out it’s absolutely awful to write about, I doubt I would’ve been able to stay sane had I written a third part. Still, I tried it out, and that in itself was a lot of fun.

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Consider this “somewhere”. (previous)

He reached out to grab his hand, to inspect it more closely. But the moment of contact was a momentary lapse in consciousness.
‘What did you do?’ He jumped back. ‘What was that?’
They blinked, synchronously. That same moment of blackness again, and a perspective shift. One puked, the other barely held it in.
‘Weren’t you just standing… here?’ he mumbled through heavy breathing.
He looked up, wiped his chin. ‘Same.’ A barely recognizable grunt. He blinked, and so did he. It happened again. The vomit was no longer at his feet, but over there with the other guy.

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Doppelgänger, doubles, clones. In this sea of humans, surely one would be able to match Two.

It should’ve been the most ordinary trip, a generic vacation to some not-yet-urbanized place. To see the sights, that rare natural beauty, and feel the thrill of adventure. And that’s what it was, until it wasn’t. Until they were staring at themselves, staring at each other. Until it was no longer ordinary.

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And so neither do their maintainers if the robots aren’t functioning correctly.

“Is your bot on the latest system yet? You should upgrade!” Sure, what could go wrong. It’s not like the updates includes huge changes to the way things work. Except a tiny change can have just as impactful an effect. So now my bot doesn’t function, and I’m up past my planned bedtime trying to get a bandaid fix in.

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