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User-inspired slogans!

Also the worst if they pop up friday afternoon.

There’s something about the complexity of most modern-day software. Something that makes it really cool, enabling it to do things we hadn’t held possible a few years ago. Or things the developer hadn’t held possible just last week. And, sadly, that’s not always intentional.

Just today I was trying to figure out reproduction steps for a memory leak, causing the browser window or tab to eventually just become unresponsive and fall over. Turns out it was caused by the mouse hovering over links in a specific part of the page? But why doesn’t it happen for other links? I tried opening Chrome’s developer console, but while it was open I couldn’t reproduce the issue. As soon as I closed it, things started failing again.

Hovering links doesn’t do anything special, the dev console most definitely shouldn’t be affecting this. Is it an issue with Chrome? On the one hand, I can only hope. On the other, that means we can’t as easily fix it ourselves.

Maybe it’ll go away if we ignore it long enough.
~ Fang

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