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The question was "what will you not find on this blog?"

You read something in the news about some guy who did whatever.

It wasn’t the nicest thing, what he did. In fact, it was quite troublesome. He inconvenienced a lot of people, and a select few he hurt, physically and mentally. Only a petty crime at most, but the man has definitely revealed himself a top-tier asshole, truly part of a nasty bunch. But sooner or later he gets to go home, talk shit to his wife and kids, and do whatever it is he does. And then when elections come, he gets to vote.

“But that’s the point, isn’t it?” Well, yes it is. But do any of us really feel better about the functioning of our democracy knowing that anyone of legal age (and without special restrictions) gets to have a say in what happens to a country? It’s not really something we can change, it wouldn’t be a democracy anymore if we did. Just saying that it’s one of the less happy sides of the system.

I would’ve said all the “good” people voting would balance it out, but let’s be real, the kind of person you are doesn’t dictate your political preference. Maybe there’s a correlation there, though that in turn is likely affected by the sociology of any given time.

Things get really weird when you’re trying to manage enormous groups of people.
~ Fang


  • 01/10/2016 (4:37 PM)

    It is all weird, isn’t it? I have a shirt from Fallout 4 that says ‘Mr. Pebbles – The First Cat In Space’ and it has that painting from the game of the cat with the jetpack and the astronaut suit. And four – FOUR – different people have asked me if he was REAL.

    I have to admit, I’m a bit concerned that these people will be voting for our next president.

  • 29/09/2016 (2:22 AM)

    I’m not really one for trying to restrict who can and can’t vote. There are pricks and assholes in every walk of life. I do think for the most part an election is able to accurately convey the message that the people of the country are trying to convey. Politicians have agendas. People have agendas. Either way; we’re all fucked.

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