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02 09 16

The jumparound

Most of the time, I struggle to work on something for longer than like fifteen minutes in a row.

And that’s perfectly fine. Actually, it works really well for me! If I get to jump from topic to topic, back and forth and this and that way, then I somehow manage to keep myself going for longer than normal. Of course, this doesn’t go when I need a long period of focus on something, like if I’m setting up a difficult piece of code, but for smaller things it’s quite invigorating.

I get to return to whatever I’m working on with a fresh mind very frequently, which gives me that “okay, let’s do this” boost over and over. It’s smaller than the very start of the day, but still. Not to mention that small, periodical distractions help my mind work through things in the background, like a good night’s sleep would!

Particularly if the work I’m doing is very boring to me, like writing documentation or just plain old monotonous tasks, I can’t stop myself from occasionally busying myself with something else for a little bit. Sure, it breaks my flow, but I don’t usually find that to have a high impact on activities I have low passion for. Surprisingly unrelated, sometimes when writing blog posts I jump in and out of them twenty times before completing them, all in the course of a short few hours.

It doesn’t look like the best method for getting work done, but hey, whatever works right?
~ Fang


  • 05/09/2016 (1:08 PM)

    I believe you’re only supposed to write on a computer for fifteen minutes at a time anyway. So your brain is just naturally breaking your work down into chunks for you. Plus, as Nasreen said, your mind is still working in the background.

  • 03/09/2016 (2:33 AM)

    Your mind keeps working on problems when you step away.

    I saw this documentary where they tested people on skiing video games.

    When people stepped away or went to sleep and then came back to it, they were better. Their brains had worked on it while they stepped away to do other things.

    I am sticking with that story, anyway, as it makes my sporadic work style look constructive.

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