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04 09 16

Lethal League

It’s sort of a baseball fighting game, what can there possibly be not to love?

A couple of years ago, when I was still actively doing hobbyist game development, some guy uploaded a demo of his game for us to try out. You played as a kid with a baseball bat, versus an AI controlled enemy character (just a recolored version of the same kid). A ball appeared on stage, and you could hit it to send it flying, racking up speed with every blow dealt to it. If you got hit by the ball after your opponent tagged it, you’d be out. And it was pretty fun!

For some reason I found myself on Humble Bundle recently, and saw the latest bundle contained a familiar-sounding game: Lethal League. I do a double-take, insta-buy the bundle for that game alone, and get playing. And it was glorious!

Apparently the game’s been out since late 2014 already, so it seems I missed the spike of its popularity, but there’s still people playing online. The game’s way more polished than the demo I originally played, has an actual character roster, different stages, and the expected super fun gameplay. It’s easy to learn, but apparently there’s a pretty high skill ceiling what with all the mechanical tricks you can pull off.

If you’re looking for a fun “fighter” or couch-vs game, Lethal League is definitely something I’d recommend!
~ Fang


  • 06/09/2016 (9:20 PM)

    I love a good baseball fighting game. It may be too far before your time, but my favorite was always the NES classic Base Wars, which was a baseball game, in which all players are cyborgs, and you can fight at certain points to settle disputes (tagging someone out, for example). You could upgrade your players, and even repair them if they got too damaged. Good times.

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