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Or: Throwing Food Together 101

I’m pretty guilty of this. Perhaps guilty isn’t the right word, I’m definitely not doing crimes here, but any half-decent cook will almost certainly give me weird looks for this. Sometimes when I need to prepare a meal for myself, but don’t quite have the energy to cook up something proper, I take a look in the fridge to see what’s still there. Hmm, there’s eggs, those always make a good base. And look, there’s some green beans left that have already been cooked. Couple slices of… some kind of meat too, great! Throw it all in a pan, add some spices, some more veggies if I can find any, some cheese on top, and I got myself a weird omelette.

It doesn’t even have to be small bits of leftovers, literally anything will do. I don’t know, I just like throwing random junk together to see how it tastes. Okay, pseudo-random, I try not to make anything too disgusting. And so far, it’s all been at least “kinda okay”. Doing my best to remember what works or doesn’t, and why, so I can maybe get a better insight in how different foods combine.

Can’t say it’s proven very informative yet, but at least it’s an adventure every time!

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