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I’m more happy with any kind of feedback I get than with any amount of effort I myself can put in.

Strange, isn’t it? Some of you have heard me rave on about how satisfying some things can be and how much fun doing certain kinds of work is. But if someone comes to me and makes some valid points on why some stuff I did was bad and tells me how to improve that, and it gives me that moment of sudden clarity, then there’s really nothing beating that.

It may hit a bit hard at first, it’s a blow to all your effort after all. But if you can pull yourself past that, or better yet, get pulled past that by the one validly criticizing you, then you’ll realize how great it is to see the error in your ways. You’ll learn, you’ll apply, you’ll do it better.

But then there’s also the occasions where you receive feedback on issues you’re already aware of, and it just drones on and on.
~ Fang


  • 16/09/2016 (4:00 AM)

    I myself have trouble moving past criticism. I can’t get bad thoughts out of my head. Shit sucks.

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