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People will justify this and it’s fucking insane.

we had radio. We had television. Media being delivered to us on a schedule we had no control over, with channels you paid for that showed advertisements. But it was broad-audience media nonetheless, exciting times and the future was then
Along came the internet, a wonderful new layer on top of our existing infrastructure. It was radical, it was free. But then the ban on commercialization of the internet got lifted, and it slowly rolled downhill.
Luckily, the car had breaks. The internet was a pick-your-own-content platform, and the content itself was orderly and clear as well, meaning one could potentially filter out undesired parts of content.
And so we did. The concept of “AdBlock” was born.

Though the internet may not be free of the evils of the world, it definitely puts agency and control in the user’s hands when it comes to combatting and ignoring it. Yet for a couple of days now I’ve walked into the living room, and the radio was on.
That wouldn’t be a problem in and of itself, I do love some good noise in my backgrounds. Except it wasn’t noise. It was people yelling at me, telling me what to buy, what to worry about, what to do. In their spaces, that’d be somewhat acceptable. In my own home? I ain’t having none of that shit.

Has the internet not spoiled us, with its freedom and individuality? It may be dwindling now, but surely we’ve acquired a taste for all that is holy and good? Apparently not, for commercial radio channels are still the biggest ones out there. A million times more non-stop, “automagically run on some machine for hella cheap” stations, but they get only a fraction of the audience.

Why? Why do people not demand their homes to be safe-zones in this ever-lasting psychological war? Do we not want to rest? Do we not need to?

It’s “part of the package”, but it doesn’t need to be for the package to be a sustainable business model.
~ Fang


  • 09/09/2016 (10:43 PM)

    I think we’re getting more control in our homes thanks to DVRs and the like that let us skip past ad breaks during TV shows but there’s really no way to do that with the radio. It’s not like people record the radio and then listen back to it. The only time people do that is talk radio and the best talk radio shows are now in podcast form where you can skip through the ads.

    When it comes to advertising I hate the trend where people do really terrible segues into ads that last for four minutes where they just bullshit about how great something is. I like relaxing in the bath and listening to podcasts and now there are some shows I can’t listen to in the bath in case they do an awkward transition into an advert for a product I either can’t buy or don’t give a shit about. Give me designated ad breaks over that any day.

    • 10/09/2016 (12:06 AM)

      I called it, “people will justify this”! ;D

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