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Fucking wow.
06 09 16


Tabulation probably isn’t even the right word in this context, since I’m not referring to the arranging of hard data per se.

There’s something funky about modern browsers, and some other pieces of software too. They give you power in amounts a mortal man should not be responsible for wielding. And yet we do it anyway, daily. How can I be talking about anything but the glorious collections of views that are tabbed windows. Tabs upon tabs upon tabs.

It starts off innocently enough, you use it to organize your sessions but close everything when you’re done. But then you learn you can restore tabs from your last session upon application boot, mark certain tabs as more permanent than the rest. You browse, organize, browse, forget to organize. Before you know it, you have so many tabs squished together that they’re no longer wide enough to display even a single letter. Gazing upon your handiwork, satisfaction and disgust swirl within you. This time, the latter wins out, and you close what you no longer need. But next time might be different.

Apparently macOS is shipping “every window can have tabs” as a feature in the next release. All the more reason for me not to upgrade, I’d just make a mess.
~ Fang

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