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01 09 16

Doubly reminding

Alternatively: the magic of helping yourself remember something.

Often enough I brew up something interesting in my think-pan. And though it isn’t guaranteed to actually be something of value, I try to remember it for later, so I can write it down or do what I thought of. But just trying to remember it won’t do, I usually end up forgetting even though I tried my hardest. So I stop trying and just assist myself instead. An email addressed to myself, or a reminder on whatever device I’m currently working from. That’ll show me!

But before it even gets a chance to do that, I show myself. I come home, sit down at my desk, and before even looking at my mailbox I know what I’m going to see. Not a heartbeat later I’ve automatically translated that into the thing I was trying to remind myself of and bam, I get on with it. After I’m done, I’m staring at my inbox, wondering why I sent myself that reminder mail if I’d just remember it on my own.

But that doesn’t happen when I don’t attempt to remind my future self. Guess actively doing something with a thought really does do wonders for retention, huh?
~ Fang


  • 02/09/2016 (7:18 PM)

    Acting on the thing really does help you remember it. If you make the conscious decision to remind yourself of something then it does help you remember it better than if you didn’t. I occasionally email myself things. I remember people being surprised and thinking it was a little silly for me to do that, but it’s an excellent way to take notes and remind yourself of an idea you had.

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