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18 09 16

Dog hikes

Apparently a friend sometimes walks her dog in the same patch of nature I like to stroll around.

So we arranged to meet up today, a total of three of us and a dog. Being woefully unprepared didn’t stop any of us from walking a longer hike than planned, and it was actually really fun! I had never walked around with a dog before, and I must say it was quite the experience. Nothing like some overactive fool crossing your path just a tad too closely over, and over, and over yet again.

He was nice though, the dog. Not the quickest to listen and somehow really anxious about standing still for even half a minute, but still a good boy. It was really fun getting to see him sniff everything out and be so eager to socialize with all the other dogs we ran into. He must’ve moved at least double our walking distance, with how back-and-forth he was running around all the time.

Apparently there’s a thing that allows people to provide dog hiking as a service, since not every dog owner has to the time take their best friend on a multi-hour nature walk in any sort of frequency? It sounds really fun to provide something like that, but then I realize I have never owned a dog and am missing all kinds of knowledge and experience, not to mention the bond with the dog needed for it to listen to me. I suppose that’s something you can work on beforehand, but still.

Dogs are cool though. Through-hiking with a cool doggo is my dream.
~ Fang


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