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21 09 16

Caveman alert

Or: Process enhancement as a desire.

You know those little workaround you do every once in a while? Those quick little hacks you do because you can’t be bothered doing it better? I was working on an elaborate Word document today, and there was this small table. Wasn’t much larger than three rows, but the darned thing was splitting itself up over multiple pages anyway. The classic “shit it barely doesn’t fit” problem. I could’ve downsized the text above it, or put a few newline to push it fully onto the next page, but what do you hold me for, some kind of caveman?

No no no, I decided to do it the proper way. The good way, walk the path that radiated the light of all that is holy. I looked up a real solution, and I learned how to force tables (or any section of text, for that matter), to not break up on a pagebreak. No strange formatting, no newlines that’d get in the way if I shifted things around. Good, proper and clean, a should be expected of a twentieth-century homo.

It’s a good and sustainable solution, and it has made working with that monster of a document much less of a drag. I try to do the same in whatever kind of work I’m doing, most prominently when touching tools I know nothing about except that they’re real powerful. That way, I avoid any future suffering due to personal incompetence. That’s really the least self-deprecating I can frame it.

Word’s fucking amazing by the way, if you learn to work with it rather than fight it. Might compile some “how to not hate Word” tips.
~ Fang

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