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Adventure Time!
A carpenter was building a house, when his hammer broke.

Mildly annoyed, he called for his intern. Apprentice would be too big a word to describe the lad, he hadn’t yet learned much. He came running, faithfully. ‘What is it, Carpenter?’ he asked.
From way up high on his ladder, the man threw his broken hammer down, the head and handle completely apart. The intern narrowly dodged the bare-bones components of his master’s most simple tool. ‘She has hit her last nail.’ the carpenter sighed. ‘Go fetch me a new one.’ And so off he ran.

Not much later, but still too late, the intern returned. from a nearby Open Toolbox Store he had retrieved a thousand different hammers, every one more unique than the rest. He laid them all out around the Carpenter’s ladder, and started rattling off. ‘I didn’t know what kind of hammer you wanted, so I brought a bunch to choose from. These over here have claws, those don’t. This group has an extra grippy handle, through they’re also kind of heavy. These few have integrated screwdrivers, and this one can open beers. I believe I also brought one with auto—’

‘Stop.’ the carpenter cut him off. ‘I need to hit nails. I do not know what those hammers do, and I see no need to learn.’ He looked around the spread of tools. ‘Give me the simplest hammer you have, over there.’ he pointed. The intern sought out the item requested and picked it off the floor and delivered to his master. The carpenter admired the hammer’s design, identical to his previous one. He hit a nail with it. ‘Perfect.’

Partially inspired by The Codeless Code.
~ Fang


  • 15/09/2016 (6:48 AM)

    He really should have tried the battery operated version with the automatic nail polishing extension. You just can’t go back after trying a hammer that good.

  • 14/09/2016 (3:19 AM)

    That’s how I feel all of the time, only the same version as what I had before is never available.

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