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25 09 16

A real Dexter

Dexter as in Pokémon Dexter, Pokédex. Except for, you know, real stuff.

Apparently there’s a Dutch website with accompanying app for mobile that allows you to catalogue things you encounter in the wild. For example, if you find a cool bug you can take a picture, make note of the conditions you found it in (in the shade of a particular tree, near water, etc.) and upload that data to their servers. They keep track of all that in a database, and use all that to help with the identification of unknowns you may run in to.

If there’s ever going to be a real-world equivalent to the fictional Pokédex, then this is definitely it. As tech evolves we’ll probably be able to slap a neural network onto it for identifying features of creatures in pictures, taking into account location data and whatever other sensors we’ll carry in our pockets by then, and make it fully automagic.

Having access to such a databank on the go definitely makes a biologist’s field work more comfy though.
~ Fang

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